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…that as an employer you have a duty of care to ensure that your drivers are safe on the roads? Arrow Fleet Driving can help you towards protecting yourself, your drivers and your assets. Here begins your first steps towards a safer fleet and a more protected business.

Eco Driving

What is Eco Driving?

Eco-driving is the term used for the use of vehicles in the most energy efficient way possible. This spans across all modes of transport including cars, buses and motorbikes. The goal of this is to minimise pollution and engage in the act of positive climate protection.

Eco-driving has become more and more popular over time and stands for a modern and clever driving culture in today’s society. Driving in an eco-friendly manner not only helps the environment but it also has a multitude of benefits for you, too. Learning how to eco-drive teaches you how to get the most out of modern technologies, meaning that you can reduce fuel consumption and by extension, the cost of fuel.

Safer Driving Reduces Risk...

As an eco-driver, you are also driving in a much safer manner, meaning that you are reducing the risk of accident when behind the wheel. Arrow Driving Academy are proud to say that they offer eco-driving courses for anyone interested.

Eco Driving Training & The Benefits...

As briefly mentioned, there are many benefits when it comes to engaging in eco-driving. This is because eco-driving courses are designed to educate your staff and teach them everything they need to know about driving safely and efficiently.

Not only will this save your company on transportation costs, but it will also ensure that you are not breaching your duty of care as an employer.

How do I get started or find out more about Eco Driving Training?

STEP 1: We provide a Free no obligation meeting to discuss your Eco Driving Training needs.

We will attend your company and work around you to assess your needs. This is not the hard sell, our trainers are professional and friendly and their simple aim is to inform. We believe that road safety improvements and reduced costs for the company are elements that sell themselves. Our goal on the visit is to honestly and openly assess the needs and present options, which you can discuss in your own time. We work around your schedule.

Fuel Savings

You could dramatically reduce FLEET running costs...

Some examples of the benefits you could experience upon completion of our eco-driving course are as follows…

Fuel consumption and climate protection
When adhering to eco-driving techniques and regulations following adequate training, you can reduce fuel consumption by 20%! Following this, you will save approximately 5% in the long run. In 2010, the European Climate Change Programme calculated that eco-driving reduced at least 50 million tons of CO2 emissions in Europe. This saved approximately 20 billion euros.

Local environment and health
Eco-driving lowers both noise pollution and local air pollution, one of the main problems from traffic in modern urban areas.

Costs and safety
Eco-driving not only minimises fuel costs, but it also helps reduce other corporate transportation costs. Expenses for repairs and maintenance after accidents are lowered as you are taught safe driving conduct. This ultimately lowers the cost of insurance premiums. Safer and more efficient driving behaviour includes a variety of advantageous methods, including; less speeding, maintaining a steady speed, less aggressiveness and taking on an anticipating driving style.

Benefits of Fleet Driver Training

Save money on Fleet Driving Costs

Better and more considered driving by your employees will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Less risk of accidents

Driving in a more considered manner could help reduce the risk of motoring accidents and speeding fines.

Minimised risk of corporate manslaughter lawsuits

Ensuring you take the appropriate steps to keep your staff and drivers safe and aware of the need to drive safely and courteously can help minimise the risk of serious repercussions should something terrible happen as a result of their driving.

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