Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training

Does your business employ drivers, or have employees who regularly drive as part of their job?

If the answer is yes then you are required to understand your corporate responsibilities in regards to driving in the workforce.

Getting caught avoiding or ignoring UK legislation aimed at businesses that encompass driving as part of their daily routine is a huge risk to the success of your business and overall reputation. Moreover, it can also lead to huge fines from £100,000 and upwards for health and safety breaches and £500,000 and upwards for corporate manslaughter offences.

What is Fleet Driver Training?

Fleet Driver Training courses are courses delivered to your staff that can directly improve their skills as drivers. With Arrow Fleet Driving they are bespoke courses delivered with a mix of on the road and classroom based training.

Every step of the course is aimed at improving driver safety and reducing company-driving costs furthermore, the courses are tailored directly to your company needs. Overall, the ultimate goal of any Fleet Driver Training is to reduce risks costs involved in driving through training.

How can Fleet Driver Training help me & my business?

Fleet training can improve the safety and ability of the drivers in your fleet by increasing their risk management and honing their attitudes towards driving.

Refining driving competence is tremendously important. Drivers who are more knowledgeable are much less likely to find themselves in dangerous situations.

Reducing risks when driving not only ensures the safety of the driver themselves but also of others on the roads. Fleet training can assist here by encompassing a variety of different workshops such as speed awareness, van driving and fuel efficiency.

How do I get started or find out more about Fleet Training?

STEP 1: We provide a Free no obligation meeting to discuss your fleet driver training needs.

We will attend your company and work around you to assess your needs. This is not the hard sell, our trainers are professional and friendly and their simple aim is to inform. We believe that road safety improvements and reduced costs for the company are elements that sell themselves. Our goal on the visit is to honestly and openly assess the needs and present options, which you can discuss in your own time. We work around your schedule.

Fuel Savings

Save on Insurance

You could dramatically reduce FLEET running costs...

Noticeably reduce company costs in fuel, insurance and vehicle running?
Not only does fleet training improve the safety and ability of your drivers, it also reduces fleet management costs. This includes encouraging fuel efficient driving and reducing the risk of crashes to lower insurance charges. Despite fleet training costing your company in the first instance, you will be sure to earn this back with ease in upcoming years through saving on fuel and insurance premiums.