Advantages of Fleet Driving

Advantages of Fleet Driving

Fleet training is the management of commercial motor vehicles, including cars, aircraft, ships, vans and trucks.

It is within this that vehicle maintenance, health and safety regulation and fuel management skills are transferred to drivers in order to effectively minimise risks on the road.

Fleet Driver Training courses are delivered to company staff to improve their skills and knowledge as drivers. These courses are tailored specifically to your individual company needs and also help reduce driving costs within your business through the education of improved driving productivity and efficiency.

All of the techniques and methods taught in fleet training programmes are in adherence with the latest UK government legislation and health and safety regulations. Fleet driver training should not be overlooked by any business owner as it ensures that you are fulfilling your duty of care as an employer as well as reducing transportation costs within your company.

If your business includes a driver fleet, we recommend that you sign up for a fleet training course. Arrow Driving Academy now offer cost-effective and valuable fleet training that could be of untold benefit to your company.

There are a multitude of advantages upon completion of fleet training, some of which would be;

  • Improving your overall corporate image
  • Improving the safety of your staff on the roads
  • Reducing insurance premiums and claims
  • Reducing vehicle wear and tear
  • Improving mileage management and reducing fuel consumption
  • Explore low emission vehicles fit for your business

Records claim that fleet training could save your fleet over £100,000 and 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. This is dependent on the size of your fleet and the vehicles you use.

Fuel Savings

Save on Insurance

You could dramatically reduce FLEET running costs...

Noticeably reduce company costs in fuel, insurance and vehicle running?
Not only does fleet training improve the safety and ability of your drivers, it also reduces fleet management costs. This includes encouraging fuel efficient driving and reducing the risk of crashes to lower insurance charges. Despite fleet training costing your company in the first instance, you will be sure to earn this back with ease in upcoming years through saving on fuel and insurance premiums.

Fuel Efficient Fleet Driving

Interested in Subsidised Eco Driving Training?

Arrow Fleet Driving offer a range of services suited to all businesses.


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