What is eco-driving?

Eco-driving is the term used for the energy efficient usage of vehicles. This spans from all modes of transport, including cars, buses and motorbikes. Eco-driving is not complicated, demanding or a difficult thing to introduce into your daily life. It is a great way to reduce fuel consumption from all methods of road transportation. Ultimately, this means that less fuel is used to travel the same distance.

Eco-driving is a smarter way of driving. It represents a new driving culture that has gained great popularity in recent years. It teaches you how to use modern technologies to reduce fuel consumption whilst improving overall road safety. The primary aim of this however, is to work together to contribute to pollution reduction and climate protection.

In contemporary society, vehicle performance and technology have improved significantly. However, it is now the time for drivers to adapt and change their driving styles accordingly. The key benefits of this would be that you would save on fuel costs, reduce GHG emissions and increase safety and comfort whilst driving.

Eco-driving encompasses a whole range of simple techniques in order to achieve these benefits. However, simply reading about them and attempting to follow them does not always achieve the desired results. Drivers are increasingly encouraged to attend an eco-driving training course. These are provided by qualified driving instructors across the UK. These courses include both theoretical and practical driving techniques that you can put to use on the road.

What do Arrow Driving Academy offer?

Here at Arrow, we offer our very own professional and affordable eco-driving courses. Our aim is to facilitate drivers into a more up to date driving manor. This allows you to get the most out of your vehicle. Most importantly, it also emphasises road safety and brings the best of the driver’s knowledge to a high standard.

Our eco-driving courses can hugely benefit companies across the UK. This is because our courses are designed to educate your staff and teach them everything they need to know about driving safely and efficiently. This means that your staff who drive to and from work will be safer and your company will save huge amounts on fuel, repair bills and insurance premiums due to a lower risk of driving incidents.

All that you need in order to complete the required training is a full valid UK driving licence category B (car entitlement) and an hour spare time to receive the training. A vehicle is provided by us and you are also entitled to free of charge yearly refresher sessions to keep up to date with any changes in the driving industry.

What are the benefits of eco-driving?

  • Fuel consumption and climate protection

When adhering to eco-driving techniques and regulations following adequate training, you can reduce fuel consumption by 20%! Following this, you will save approximately 5% in the long run. In 2010, the European Climate Change Programme calculated that eco-driving reduced at least 50 million tons of CO2 emissions in Europe. This saved approximately 20 billion euros.

  • Local environment and health

Eco-driving lowers both local air pollution and noise pollution, one of the main problems from traffic in contemporary urban areas.

  • Costs and safety

Eco-driving not only reduces fuel costs, but much more. Costs for maintenance and repairs after accidents are lowered as you are taught safe driving behaviour. This also ultimately lowers the cost of insurance premiums. Safer driving behaviour includes a variety of beneficial techniques, including; less speeding, less aggressiveness, maintaining a steady speed and taking on an anticipating driving style.

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