Fleet training is the management of commercial motor vehicles. This includes cars, aircraft, ships, vans and trucks. Fleet training involves a variety of methods in regards to managing vehicles. This includes, vehicle maintenance, fuel management and health and safety regulating. All of these methods combined allow companies which rely on transport to minimise the risks involved when investing in business vehicles.

Fleet training also educates drivers in improving productivity and efficiency. This means that overall transportation and staff costs within a business will be reduced. All of the techniques taught within a fleet training course are in adherence with UK government legislation and regulations. Fleet driver training courses are available from a variety of driving schools across the UK. They can be delivered to individuals or teams of staff members to directly improve their driving knowledge and skill. The course involves a combination of practical and theoretical training, therefore it will be taught both on the road and in the classroom.

Every element of such a course encompasses driver safety knowledge and the effort to reduce company transportation costs. These courses are based on core information, however they are extremely flexible. The modules can be tailored to your needs as a company specifically, meaning you can get the most out of your fleet training course. Do you think that your company would benefit from substantially improving the safety and ability of drivers in your fleet? Or perhaps you desire a reduction in fuel and insurance costs within your business? Then a fleet training course could be perfect for you.

Why is fleet training beneficial to you?

If your company includes a driver fleet, it could be a great idea for you to sign up for a fleet training course. There are a multitude of benefits that you will gain upon completion of a fleet training course, this includes;

– Improving your overall corporate image

– Improving the safety of your staff on the roads

– Reducing insurance premiums and claims

– Reducing vehicle wear and tear

– Improving mileage management and reducing fuel consumption

– Explore low emission vehicles fit for your business

Records claim that fleet training could save your fleet over £100,000 and 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. This is dependent on the size of your fleet and the vehicles you use.

What are the benefits of Arrow fleet training?

– Free no obligation meeting to discuss your fleet driver training needs

We are happy to attend your company to investigate how you operate and what you need. This is a simple and helpful task that will allow us to best find out what your company will benefit from. Our trainers are professional and their goal is simply to inform, this is not the hard sell. We will work around your schedule and allow you to choose the most suitable schedule for you.

– We have the ability to deliver a course completely tailored to your specific needs

Every company is unique. Which is why we understand how important it is to you to have specialised training that you can get the most out of. Our aim is to deliver fleet training courses which get results every time. Dependent on the drivers you have, the vehicles you use, the scale and development of your fleet, we can identify what you need to make efficient and significant improvements.

– Our expert and professional team are here for you

At Arrow Driving Academy, our hardworking and dedicated team would be delighted to go above and beyond to meet your requirements. We believe that the best way to effectively assess the training needs of your staff if to take them out on the road. We like to take the time to get to know how your staff operate the vehicle independently. This allows us to identify areas that need improvement and education.

– Peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a reputable company

Our track record and testimonials tell you everything you need to know about how we operate. Arrow Driving Academy consistently prides itself on delivering only the highest quality driving services at a cost-effective price. Our goal is to build rapport with our clients through professional and approachable methods. This helps us get the best results when it comes to our training skills and dedication to success.

– Free 1 hour eco-driving seminar

Upon completion of a fleet training course, we also offer a completely free 1 hour eco-driving seminar to staff. This focuses on driving vehicles in the most efficient ways. This reduces fuel costs, saves on wear and tear and improves road comfort and safety.

– Top quality training at a price you can afford, on a schedule you choose

Our prices are extremely competitive. We know how important it is to get the best deal and still receive high quality services, which is why we provide no nonsense prices for our effective fleet training programmes.

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