Welcome to Arrow Fleet Driving

Welcome to Arrow Fleet Driving

Providing Fleet Driving Solutions to businesses throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & beyond

Did You Know?

…that as an employer you have a duty of care to ensure that your drivers are safe on the roads? Arrow Fleet Driving can help you towards protecting yourself, your drivers and your assets. Here begins your first steps towards a safer fleet and a more protected business.

Benefits of Fleet Driver Training

Save money on Fleet Driving Costs

Better and more considered driving by your employees will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Less risk of accidents

Driving in a more considered manner could help reduce the risk of motoring accidents and speeding fines.

Minimised risk of corporate manslaughter lawsuits

Ensuring you take the appropriate steps to keep your staff and drivers safe and aware of the need to drive safely and courteously can help minimise the risk of serious repercussions should something terrible happen as a result of their driving.

Fleet Driving

Fleet Driver Training Yorkshire…

Learning to drive is a skill for life but unfortunately no matter how long someone has been driving, it is so very often the case that bad habits can form which ultimately can lead to increased risk of accident or injury as employees go about their daily business routine.

Britain’s roads are becoming more and more congested, and so risk of accident or injury is increasing more and more as the years go by. We are fortunate that in vehicle technology is also advancing and so better enabling us to be safe from injury – however there will always be a risk as we travel the UK’s road networks and so it is our aim to work with drivers to help keep them safe.

Your Duty of Care…

did you know that all employers have a ‘Duty of Care’ towards their employees when it comes to their safety at work and on the UK’s roads? There exists a Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 which was amended in 1999 states that the vehicle used to conduct any companies work is classed as a Place of Work.
In 2007 the Corporate Manslaughter act was passed which states that if any company employs drivers that use the companies vehicle to conduct the companies work, then the company and/or the driver could be held responsible for manslaughter if the relevant training was not provided to reduce the risk of accidents happening.

What's the process?

Stage ONE - Free Audit

To ensure that we fully understand your basic needs we have an online form which is available to complete and should take only a few moments. If you would prefer to speak to us then of course we’re all ears

Stage TWO - Recommendation

Once we have the basic information, one of our team will make contact with you to go over to ensure everything is correct. Once confirmed, we will then prepare your very own fleet driver training recommendation highlighting exactly how our training can help you, your people and your business.

Stage THREE - The Training

Assuming our proposal is accepted, we will agree a training schedule with all of the people involved and will ensure that all aspects of the work we carry out does not impact negatively on your day to day operations where possible.

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